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Best Quotes!

Posted in Software, SouthCombinator by Streema on 07/06/2010
Here are some of the best quotes I’ve included in my work, hope you enjoy them.

Between 1980 and 2005, virtually all net new jobs created in the U.S. were created by firms that were 5 years old or less.

Robert Litan, Kauffman Foundation’s Research Director
Start-Ups, Not Bailouts”, Thomas Friedman, April 2010.

The Web is an incredible democratizer. A small company can look as large as a big company and be as accessible as a big company on the Web. Big companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars building their distribution channels. And the Web is going to completely neutralize that advantage.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO
The Next Insanely Great Thing“, Wired Magazine, Gary Wolf, February 1996.

Argentina es la capital del emprendimiento de Latinoamérica.

Daniel Alegre, Google’s Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Silicon Valley is an idea, not necessarily a real place. You can build a global internet business from anywhere.

Dave McClure, Founders Fund
Is Silicon Valley Dead?“, Dave Troy, June 2010.

Hope you liked them! btw, soon a sneak preview of the thesis will be here, please be patient. :)